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This application provides supplementary material to the Nature Sustainability article Tracking the pulse of the Earth's fresh waters published in April 2018. For a full description of the Methods, please follow the link to the publication.

The United States tab shows the history of water information in the US. In addition, it shows flood risk, water scarcity, fish diversity, and the risk of gaging density decline at the river basin level.
The Explore U.S. data tab allows users to download data on US river basins shown in the "United States" tab
The World tab shows the history of stream gages data reporting to the Global Runoff Data Center (GRDC). A gage is considered active if its records were reported to the GRDC that year.
Therefore, an inactive gage could either be due to the discontinuation of data recording or the lack of reporting of recorded data by the entity managing the gage

Contact information and source code

Original publication: Ruhi, A., Messager, L. M., & Olden, J. D. (2018) "Tracking the pulse of the Earth's fresh waters", doi:10.1038/s41893-018-0047-7
App developer: Mathis Messager (email:
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